I have over 30 years of teaching experience in the areas of communication and environmental studies. That’s since I was in graduate school. Prior to that I worked and volunteered doing public education in museums and art galleries for several years.

Currently I teach an online course Environmental Communication: Research Into Practice twice a year. I used to teach this through the International Environmental Communication Association, but am now offering it independently. If you are interested, new sessions of the course start in January and September each year with registration opening in November and July respectively. Check the course page for registration links.

In the past I have taught the following courses:

At the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras

  • CIAM 8120 Communication on the Environment


  • CMN 340 Electronic Information
  • CMN 393 Environmental Discourse
  • EST 132 Environmental Studies Orientation Seminar
  • EST 245 Nature & Popular Culture
  • EST 496 Climate Change: Science, Perception and Policy
  • EST 498 Introduction to Research Problems
  • EST 393 Environmental Discourse & Communication
  • EST 640 Environmental Thought and Ethics
  • EST 645 Mass Media & Environmental Affairs
  • EST 696 Climate Change: Science, Perception and Policy
  • EST 798 Problems in Environmental Studies
  • ENS 797 Emerging Environmental Thought
  • ENS 798 Problems in Environmental Science

At Royal Roads University

  • EEC 503 Communication for Environmental Communicators

At McMaster University

  • A&S 3CB6 Environmental Inquiry

At York University

  • AS/SC 1190.06 Advertising and Contemporary Culture
  • AS/SOSC 2310.06 Introduction to Mass Communications (TA)