I have over 20 years of teaching experience in the areas of communication and environmental studies. That’s since I started graduate school. Prior to that I worked and volunteered doing public education in museums and art galleries for several years.

Currently I teach an online course Environmental Communication: Research Into Practice twice a year through the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA). If you are interested, new sessions of the course start in January and September each year.

In the past I have taught the following courses:

At the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras

  • CIAM 8120 Communication on the Environment


  • CMN 340 Electronic Information
  • CMN 393 Environmental Discourse
  • EST 132 Environmental Studies Orientation Seminar
  • EST 245 Nature & Popular Culture
  • EST 496 Climate Change: Science, Perception and Policy
  • EST 498 Introduction to Research Problems
  • EST 393 Environmental Discourse & Communication
  • EST 640 Environmental Thought and Ethics
  • EST 645 Mass Media & Environmental Affairs
  • EST 696 Climate Change: Science, Perception and Policy
  • EST 798 Problems in Environmental Studies
  • ENS 797 Emerging Environmental Thought
  • ENS 798 Problems in Environmental Science

At Royal Roads University

  • EEC 503 Communication for Environmental Communicators

At McMaster University

  • A&S 3CB6 Environmental Inquiry

At York University

  • AS/SC 1190.06 Advertising and Contemporary Culture
  • AS/SOSC 2310.06 Introduction to Mass Communications (TA)