And Now For Something Completely Different

BlackKnightLike the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, we act as if nothing needs to change as we lose limb after limb.

Kulturträger column originally published in Alternatives Journal Vol.37, No.6, 2011.

IT SEEMS CRAZY to me how often environmentalists try to dissuade people from ravaging the planet by appealing to their self-interest. Do you know what I mean? Don’t pollute because you’ll be poisoned; think of the money you’ll save by not driving your car; protect the rainforest for it might contain a cure for cancer. Environmental discourse is rife with arguments based strictly on narrow individual and collective human welfare.

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Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling

Mark Meisner, Editor, Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling, special Environmental Communication issue of Alternatives Journal, Vol.23, No.1, Winter 1997.

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Resourcist Language: The Symbolic Enslavement of Nature

Mark S. Meisner “Resourcist Language: The Symbolic Enslavement of Nature,” in Proceedings of the Conference on Communication and Our Environment, eds. David Sachsman, Kandice Salomone and Susan Seneca, pp.236-243, Chattanooga: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 1997. Continue reading

Key Words of Conservation and Environmental Discourse

Mark Meisner “Key Words of Conservation and Environmental Discourse,” Wild Earth Vol.3, No.4, pp.75-81, Winter 1994. Continue reading

Wild Words: Nature, Language, and Outdoor Education

Mark Meisner “Wild Words: Nature, Language, and Outdoor Education,” Pathways: The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, Vol.5, No.5, pp.5-11, 1993.

Reprinted in Talking Leaves: A Seasonal Journal of the Institute for Earth Education, pp.14-21, Summer 1994. Continue reading