Other writing

These are some examples of my other writing which is oriented to a general audience. I consider my Kulturträger columns as general audience writing as well.

  • Communication for the Commons book published June 28, 2015 - Over at the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), we have finally completed work on Communication for the Commons: Revisiting Participation and Environment. It’s an anthology that pulls together selected papers and posters from the 2013 Conference on Communication and Environment. The conference took place in Uppsala, Sweden, June 6-11, 2013. The book is edited by […]
  • Consciousness Raising March 14, 2014 - Mark S. Meisner “Consciousness Raising,” in Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, and Practices,Vol. 1, Ed. Debra Rowe, pp.155-158. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2014.
  • A Brief Explanation of why Global Warming is Misunderstood in America November 16, 2010 - The following article was commissioned by my local PBS station, WCNY, to accompany a program called Arctic Air, broadcast in the fall of 2010. The article was originally published on the WCNY Arctic Air web site.
  • Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling January 1, 1997 - Mark Meisner, Editor, Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling, special Environmental Communication issue of Alternatives Journal, Vol.23, No.1, Winter 1997.
  • Language and Nature: Are Our Words Environment Friendly? June 1, 1991 - Mark Meisner “Language and Nature: Are Our Words Environment Friendly?” Probe Post Vol.14, No.2, pp.18-20, Summer 1991. Reprinted in Wildflower Vol.8, No.1, pp.12-13, Winter 1992.

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