Other writing

These are some examples of my other writing which is oriented to a general audience. I consider my Kulturträger columns as general audience writing as well.

  • Environmental Communication: What it is and Why it Matters November 30, 2015 - by Mark Meisner In the simplest terms, environmental communication is communication about environmental affairs. This includes all of the diverse forms of interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mediated communication that make up the social debate about environmental issues and problems, and our relationship to the rest of nature. It is both a lay activity and a […]
  • Communication for the Commons book published June 28, 2015 - Over at the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), we have finally completed work on Communication for the Commons: Revisiting Participation and Environment. It’s an anthology that pulls together selected papers and posters from the 2013 Conference on Communication and Environment. The conference took place in Uppsala, Sweden, June 6-11, 2013. The book is edited by […]
  • Consciousness Raising March 14, 2014 - Mark S. Meisner “Consciousness Raising,” in Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, and Practices,Vol. 1, Ed. Debra Rowe, pp.155-158. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2014.
  • A Brief Explanation of why Global Warming is Misunderstood in America November 16, 2010 - The following article was commissioned by my local PBS station, WCNY, to accompany a program called Arctic Air, broadcast in the fall of 2010. The article was originally published on the WCNY Arctic Air web site.
  • Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling January 1, 1997 - Mark Meisner, Editor, Framing Nature: Media Distortions, Corporate PR, and Hopeful Storytelling, special Environmental Communication issue of Alternatives Journal, Vol.23, No.1, Winter 1997.
  • Language and Nature: Are Our Words Environment Friendly? June 1, 1991 - Mark Meisner “Language and Nature: Are Our Words Environment Friendly?” Probe Post Vol.14, No.2, pp.18-20, Summer 1991. Reprinted in Wildflower Vol.8, No.1, pp.12-13, Winter 1992.

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